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Many Changes!!!

The show has experienced many changes!

First of all, it is now a periodic, not a weekly, podcast.

Also, now the emphasis on the show is stories, not ideas. I am interested in collecting people’s stories of transformation, and while ideology may sometimes play into these narratives, it is not the main focus.

Stay tuned!

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9/9 Interviews: William Buchholtz and Ron Kanutski

Today, we talked with William Buchholtz and Ron Kanutski.

First Hour: William Buchholtz

If you’ve listened to any of the episodes of the show so far, you have heard the beautiful music of Bill Buchholtz. He plays Native flute as well as piano and other instruments. Bill has a very unique story, in that he is an adoptee in search of information about his birth parents, including information about his father, who is known to be a First Nations person, but the paperwork has been hard to track down. This information would impact not only Bill’s personal sense of identity and belonging, but would also allow him to play flute within the community, which is often not permitted because he cannot provide papers.

In the meantime, as this search goes on, William continues to share his gifts of music with others when he is welcome, and continues forth with a sense of inspiration and dedication that is moving to those who know him well. We will talk about gifts, the work of trying to find a way to share one’s gifts, and how  face a difficult situation with courage and humor.

Hour Two: Ron Kanutski

Ron Kanutski is an energetic social worker, cultural teacher, group facilitator, storyteller, comedian, and musician. He is the sole proprietor of With Care Consulting. Ron is of Ojibway and Cree roots and is from the Bear Clan. He is a band member of the Red Rock Reservation also known as Lake Helen 1st Nation.

Ron is actively involved in the local alcohol & drug treatment centres, group residential homes, mental health centres, schools, hospital psychiatric unit, jails, custody and probation programs.

We will be talking with Ron about how healing happens, the value of humor to healing, how he came to share his healing gifts in the ways he does, the importance of community support, and the importance of cultural education.

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9/2 Interviews: Teri Parsley Starnes and Byron Ballard

Today, we talked with Teri Parsley Starnes and Byron Ballard. Recordings will be available on this site within a week.

First Hour: Teri Parsley Starnes

Teri Parsley Starnes is an astrologer. She says the following about herself:

“My practice of astrology touches on the wonders around us and within. This soul work unveils:
Myth – the unfolding story of your life
Magic – the possibilities of intention and alignment with the cosmos.
Mindfulness – the awareness of our true selves that brings peace and acceptance.”
Teri has been a consulting astrologer since 1995. She has worked as teacher and priestess in several earth-based Pagan communities, including the Reclaiming Tradition, the Tree and the Well, and Diana’s Grove Mystery School. She consults internationally via phone or Skype and locally in her south Minneapolis office. She also writes a weekly astrology column: Follow the Moon. Look for Starsdance Astrology on Facebook for updates and articles. You can contact Teri at


Second Hour: Byron Ballard

H. Byron Ballard, is a ritualist, teacher, urban farmer, speaker and writer. She has served as a featured speaker and teacher at Sacred Space Conference, Pagan Unity Festival, Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference and other gatherings. She facilitates weekly services at The Mother Grove Goddess Temple and offers classes and workshops. She writes an ongoing blog, “My Village Witch” Byron says, “I have been facilitating public rituals for over a decade…When this community needs to express grief or rage or fear–or joy or triumph or bliss–we have called together community resources to honor that expression.”

Byron’s writings have appeared in print and electronic media. Her essays are featured in several anthologies, including “Birthed from Scorched Hearts“ (Fulcrum Press), “Christmas Presence“ (Catawba Press), “Women’s Voices in Magic” (Megalithica Books), “Into the Great Below” and “Skalded Apples” (both from Asphodel Press).Her pamphlet “Back to the Garden: a Handbook for New Pagans“ has been widely distributed and her first book “Staubs and Ditchwater: an Introduction to Hillfolks Hoodoo” (Silver Rings Press) debuted in June 2012. Byron is currently at work on “Earth Works: Eight Ceremonies for a Changing Planet”. You can contact Byron at


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8/26 Interviews: Charles Eisenstein and Robin Gunkel

Today, talked with Charles Eisenstein and Robin Gunkel. Recording will be available within a week.

First hour: Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a writer, speaker, and the author of three books, Sacred Economics, The Ascent of Humanity and The Yoga of Eating. We will be specifically focusing on the ideas presented in Sacred Economics, but will also discuss various topics from his blog. Sacred Economics is available in print or e-book via Evolver Editions or is available free online. Charles says about Sacred Economics, “The purpose of this book is to make money and human economy as sacred as everything else in the universe…. Obviously, if we are to make money into something sacred, nothing less than a wholesale revolution in money will suffice, a transformation of its essential nature. It is not merely our attitudes about money that must change, as some self-help gurus would have us believe; rather, we will create new kinds of money that embody and reinforce changed attitudes (emphasis mine). Sacred Economics describes this new money and the new economy that will coalesce around it. It also explores the metamorphosis in human identity that is both a cause and a result of the transformation of money.”

Second Hour: Robin Gunkel

Robin Gunkel is one of the creators of the BNote, an alternate currency created in Baltimore, MD. She volunteers for the Baltimore Green Currency Association, which says “We are working to help create an alternative economy that will strengthen local businesses, create jobs, encourage the formation of local supply chains, and ultimately provide economic opportunity and increased resilience to communities underserved by traditional economic structures.” Robin is also an sporeganizer for Evolver Baltimore, and a writer. We will be discussing economics, the importance of local currencies, how personal transformation relates to global healing, the roles of art, poetry and story in personal and cultural transformation, and more. Robin will also share some of her personal journey and her poetry.

Samples of Robin’s writing:

An article about how installation art can shift public perception.

Recollection of a personal journey, published in Reality Sandwich, with reflections of the healing implications of doing shadow work.

Poetry, a few pieces published in Solid Quarter by Trembling Willow Press

Archives of the show will be available on this website within a week of air date.

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8/17 Interview: David Forbes

Today we talked we talked with David Forbes. The recording will be available later in the week.

David Forbes is the senior reporter for Mountain Xpress, an independent and widely-read newspaper in Asheville, North Carolina, and the founder of the blog The Breaking Time. The Breaking Time “explores the politics, culture and possibilities of our fractured era. The Breaking Time believes in hybrids, mash-ups, impurities, contradictions, organization, pragmatists, makers, teachers, workers, fighters. We admire ‘influenced by’ far more than ‘follower of.’ We trust the hard question and the ignored truth.”

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Archive of 8/12 show available

Here is the interview with Steve Smith. Unfortunately, the second half of the show has the same audio issues as last week’s show (echo sound to host’s voice), but the first half sounds good. We have spent hours working to solve this technical issue, hoping to not have a repeat of the problem again.

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8/12 Interview: Steve Smith

Today, we talked with Steve Smith.

Steve Smith is a game-design developer, writer, ritual artist, mythologist, and sword fighter. We will be talking about creating alternate worlds, connecting to mythology as a tool for personal growth, ways to live the questions about how to share one’s callings and dreams with the world, and possibly a great many other topics.

To check out samples of his writing, you can click below:
Interview with Chiron
Interview with Mars
Interview with Hades

I will also be posting an archive of the show on this website sometime during the week.

To stay updated on when archives are posted, or what future guests will be, you can sign up for the e-mail list (form is on the left).

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